QoQ KR Ownership Percentage Analytics


The QoQ KR Ownership Percentage analytics shows executives and the business program owner high level trends of KR ownership distribution across the organization, over time. 

Broader key result ownership across team members matters, as it distributes accountability across the team, and gives agency to individual team members to drive focus and progress towards strategic priorities, leading to higher engagement on results and overall better outcomes.

The report is designed to help leader:

  • Understand how their organization has improved over time, in distributing KR ownership.
  • Determine if teams across the organization need support to better distribute KRs across members of the team.


KR ownership percentage is defined as the number of users within the organization that own at least one Key Result divided by the total number of users on teams that have set at least one OKR. The analytics contain a bar graph which displays individual data points for KR ownership percentage achieved in each quarter of the year. 

How to Leverage the QoQ KR Ownership Percentage Analytics

Leaders can use the QoQ KR ownership percentage analytic to address the following questions:

  1. How well are KRs distributed across members of different teams in my organization?
  2. How well are teams using their human resources?
  3. Is our KR distribution across the organization improving as we continue to increase our OKR adoption?
  4. Is there a correlation between our KR distribution and our OKR achievement?

To get more information on KR distribution across your organization for the current quarter, review Key Results (KR) Ownership Distribution Analytics

Learn how to activate this report. 

Things to Note

  • Data in the QoQ KR Ownership Percentage analytics is refreshed daily between 8-9AM PT
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