QoQ Alignment Analytics


The Quarter-on-Quarter (QoQ) Alignment analytics show executives and the business program owner, a quarter over quarter view of OKR alignment across the organization. It’s designed to help leaders: 

  • Understand how their organization has progressed in aligning OKRs over time.
  • Find correlation between OKR alignment and OKR achievement.
  • Determine if teams across the organization need support to better align their OKRs.

Driving a higher alignment percentage score is helpful as an organizational muscle to capture explicit alignment, and bring forward clear visibility on how strategic priorities are getting localized across teams and layers of the organization. However, our data also shows that on average, aligned objectives tend to show more progress than unaligned OKRs.

Tip: To understand how well OKRs are alignment in current quarter and gaps in alignment, check out the Objective Alignment Analytics!


The QoQ alignment analytic contains a bar graph which displays individual data points for OKR alignment percentage achieved in each quarter of the year. 

How to Leverage the QoQ Alignment Analytics

Leaders can use the QoQ alignment analytic to address the following questions:

  1. How diligently are team OKRs being aligned to their next level manager’s OKRs, cross-functionally, laterally and/or to the company OKRs?
  2. Is our alignment across the organization improving as we continue to increase our OKR adoption?
  3. Is there a correlation between our OKR alignment and our OKR achievement?
  4. Do we need to investigate what teams have unaligned OKRs and need support aligning their OKRs appropriately? Learn more about team alignment across your organization. 

Learn how to activate this report.

Things to Note

  • Data in the QoQ Alignment analytics is refreshed daily between 8-9AM PT
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