Results Responsibility Distribution Analytics


The Results Responsibility Distribution analytics provide leaders with insights on how key result ownership and accountability is spread across team members within a specific team, and across the organization overall.

Broader key result ownership across team members matters, as it distributes accountability across the team, and gives agency to individual team members to drive focus and progress towards strategic priorities.

Results Responsibility Distribution scores based on a percentage measurement on how many team members own at least one KR from their team’s OKRs. The Results Responsibility Distribution analytic is designed to help leaders: 

  • Identify teams with low KR ownership distribution scores and help them over time broaden participation and the accountability to drive key results across the the team
  • Understand the overall KR distribution within the organization.


The Results Responsibility Distribution analytics view includes both annual and quarterly OKRs and is made up of: 

A gauge at the top left showing the overall organization’s KR ownership distribution:


A bar chart showing the KR distribution broken down by L2 leaders:



A table showing relevant data: 

  1. Team Manager - the name of the team manager
  2. Team - the name of the team
  3. TeamType - functional or dynamic teams
  4. # KRs - the number of KRs
  5. % KR Ownership - the percentage of KR ownership
  6. Team Manager Email 

How to Leverage the Results Responsibility Distribution Analytics

Leaders can use the Results Responsibility Distribution analytics to address the following questions:

  1. What is my organization’s overall KR ownership distribution?
  2. What is the KR ownership distribution like across each L2 leader’s team?
  3. How well are teams across the organization using human resources?
  4. How many KRs exist across the organization and how is it distributed across teams?
  5. How can I identify and support L2 leaders or teams with low KR ownership distribution?

How to Use the Results Responsibility Distribution Analytics Views

  1. Click on the L2 leader's name to filter the table.
  2. Input a user, manager, or leader name into the Search bar to filter the table to contain only data related to the inputted name

Learn how to activate this report.

Things to Note

  • Data in the Results Responsibility Distribution analytics is refreshed daily between 8-9AM PT
  • The L2 leaders report directly to the top leader of the organization
  • Scope of Key Results includes all current Key Results that fall in the current Quarter, Fiscal Year (as defined in the system), or custom time period
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