Active User Trends Analytics


The Active User Trends  analytics provides executives and business program owner insights into high level trends around the number of users who are leveraging the WorkBoard platform to drive strategic priorities. It’s designed to help leaders:

  • Understand user engagement patterns across the organization over different periods of time.
  • Identify user groups across different business groups with low engagement.
  • Devise a plan to improve user engagement.



The active user trends analytics is made up of 2 views:

  1. A line chart which shows Weekly Active Users (WAU) over a rolling 7 day and Monthly Active Users (MAU) over a 30 day window.
  2. A stacked horizontal bar chart which shows user engagement broken down by L2 leader and a table showing a list of users’ specifications

How to Leverage the Active User Trends Analytics

Leaders can use the active user trends analytics to address the following questions:

  1. What is the current level of user engagement across your organization?
  2. What is the WAU breakdown by leader? Are there certain verticals that need more attention than others?
  3. How have specific events or announcements impacted user engagement?
  4. What are your organization’s user engagement patterns over the course of the quarter or the fiscal year?

High user engagement in the WorkBoard platform is usually an indicator of engagement with the company strategy. The Weekly Active User (WAU) metric is a lagging indicator, therefore, increasing engagement requires broad OKR adoption, alignment, distribution, and ownership distribution across the organizations. We have RME Analytics tracking these metrics which can be used to optimize these areas for increased engagement. 

Best Practices For the Activations Analytics Views

Click on either of the trend lines to enable the Breakdown by Leader button.

Click on the Breakdown by Leader button to go to the second view showing WAU breakdown by leader and the table. There are three sections in the breakdown by leader report: 

Stacked Bar Chart displaying each L2 leader with the following data point:

  1. Count of users that were active in the last 7 days
  2. Count of users that were not active in the last 7 days

Note: All of the elements on the bar chart i.e., leader name and the different status types can be clicked to limit the data displayed to that selection in the table besides it

A table displaying the following user related information:

  1. First Name 
  2. Last Name
  3. Email 
  4. 7 Day Active - Indicates if the user was active in the platform in the last 7 days or not
  5. Last Activity Date - Latest date on which the user performed an action in the platform
  6. Provisioned Date - Date on which the user was created in the platform
  7. Manager Name - Name of the users direct manager
  8. Leader - Name of the L2 leader that the user reports up to

A search bar and a radio button filter which allow you to filter the report in the stacked bar chart and table: 

  1. Search bar which allows you to input any named field such as user name, manager name or leader name to view data related to the inputted name
  2. 7 Day Active radio button which allows you to select and view data for only users who have been active in the past 7 days or not

Learn how to activate this report.

Things to Note

  • Data in the Active User Trends analytics is refreshed is refreshed daily between 8-9AM PT
  • The L2 leaders report directly to the top leader of the organization
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