User Activation Analytics 


The User Activation analytics provides visibility into user adoption, and a quick view into pockets of the organization never logged in. The report is designed to help leaders:

  • Get visibility into the breakdown of activated users in comparison to provisioned users, so they can devise a roadmap to provision, onboard, and activate users on company strategic priorities
  • Gain insight into user activations broken down by L2 or L3 leaders.
  • Gain insight into Last Activity Date for Activated Users.


The user activation analytics shows two types of user activation status:

  • Provisioned user: The user account has been created and assigned but not activated, so the user does not have access to the platform
  • Activated user: The user account has been activated and has had at least 2 or more activities in their lifetime on the platform.

How to Leverage the User Activation Analytics

We recommend you use this view after all users in your organization have been provisioned onto the WorkBoard platform, and you’ve started activating different segments of users.

The user activation analytics view is made up of:

  • A donut chart which provides the counts of total provisioned users versus activated users in an organization. 
  • A stacked horizontal bar chart which provides a breakdown, by L2 or L3 leader, of total provisioned users versus activated users in an organization. 
  • The table which provides a list of all provisioned users’ first name, last name, email address, user’s L2 or L3 leader, and status of activation.

Leaders can use this analytic to address the following questions:

  1. What groups of users need a concentrated effort to activate and onboard unto the WorkBoard platform?
    1. Which users have not logged into the WorkBoard platform?
    2. Which users are unaware of the login process to the WorkBoard platform?
    3. Which users may have problems logging into the WorkBoard platform?
  2. How provisioning of users is distributed across the organization and whether or not it matches your onboarding roadmap?

Maximize User Activation Analytics

Click each segment of the donut chart to filter the table by activation status i.e., activated versus provisioned. 


Click on an L2 leader name to filter the table by L2 leader. Click on a segment of the bar chart of any L2 leader to filter the table by L2 leader and by activation status.


After an L2 has been selected, you can refine your search by L3 Leader by clicking L3 Breakdown in the lower left-hand corner.

Search for a specific user by typing their first and/or last name in the search bar. The selection can be cleared by clicking the eraser button on the right of the search box.


Learn how to activate this report. 

Things to Note

  • The data in the User Activation analytics is refreshed daily between 8-9AM PT 
  • The L2 leaders report directly to the top leader of the organization
  • The L3 leaders report directly to the L2 leaders
  • The User Activation analytics can be exported 
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