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You may be tracking a KR that's related to progress towards ticket backlog, ticket resolution time, or some other key aspect of ticket reduction in ServiceNow. In this case, you can automate the tracking of progress based on the real-time updates in ServiceNow. Our KR automation pulls data from ServiceNOW daily to ensure that data in WorkBoard is reflecting the current state of data. 


  • The ServiceNOW connector works as is out-of-the-box with basic username and password.

  • In order to enable OAuth, each user will need to have the client ID, client Secret, and redirect URL used for the OAuth setup. These assets are available from a ServiceNow admin. 

Add a ServiceNow Key Result

  1. Hover over your Objective and click the Kebab.
  2. Select Edit Settings.
  3. Select Add another Key Result.
  4. Select Advanced Options.
  5. Choose Pull data from external applications.mceclip2.png
  6. Pick ServiceNow from the list of integrations.
  7. Sign in using OAuth or a Personal Access Token. 
    Basic Auth → Basic authentication requires that users know their ServiceNOW URL and username and password. The ServiceNOW URL will be in the URL bar of your ServiceNOW home screen and will follow the format given in the form field. 
    OAuth → In order to leverage OAuth you will need to have security admin permissions within ServiceNOW. If you are a security administrator, follow the on-screen setup instructions to walk through the setup of app approval. Note that because the OAuth approval flow requires credentials that only admins have, other users will need to rely on username and password for access. 
  8. Once signed in, select the Scorecard that you want to pull data from. Scorecards are searchable by name. If the Scorecard you are searching for does not appear right away, try adjusting your search terms and make sure that you are spelling the scorecard name correctly. If that doesn’t work, make sure that the credentials you have entered have access to the scorecard that you are attempting to pull data from. 
  9. (Optional) For real-time validation of data before connecting, select Preview results.
  10. Choose Connect to set up ServiceNow integration. 
  11. Fill out or edit the remaining Key Result details such as Start Value, Result Value, Target Value, Committed Result, Unit of Measurement and how to Calculate Overall Progress.
  12. Choose your Update Cadence, which determines when or how often WorkBoard will sync with ServiceNOW to pull the latest value for your Key Result. 
    Note: Update cadence has the same options you would find for Key Results updated by a person (i.e., Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly).
  13. Click Save

Synchronize Data from ServiceNow

WorkBoard will pull data for the KR directly from ServiceNow following the cadence specified.  The Business Result Owner also has the ability to “sync data now” to pull data in real-time.

There are two ways to sync data for your Key Results.

Force a Sync on a Single ServiceNow Key Result:

  1. Select Key Result to go to the Key Results Details page.
  2. Choose the Kebab menu in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Select Sync Integration Data.


Force a Sync for all Key Result Integrations:

  1. From the My Objectives Page, select the Kebab icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Select Sync Integration Data.
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