Activating and Accessing Analytics

Activating Analytics and Reports

Organizational admins can make Analytics and Reports visible to specific users or teams in the organization. As an Organizational Admin, you can activate Biz Review Analytics with these steps:

  1.  Navigate to the 9-square menu in the upper left-hand corner and select Administrator tools.
  2.  Select Biz Review Analytics from the left-side menu. 
  3. Choose a specific report, then determine who it should be shared with. You can
  4. search for specific users or teams or check the box to make it available to everyone.
  5. When finished, select Save.



Important to note: Quite a few of these reports contain sensitive Objective and Key Result information from across the organization. We suggest that you only make the report available to individuals who should be able to see this information org-wide.

Accessing Analytics and Reports

Once a report has been made available to a specific user (via the sharing permissions described above), they can access and add the report to their Biz Review using these steps:

  1. Navigate to a Biz Review where you have edit access 
  2. Select the pencil to edit, then click +Add in the upper right-hand corner
  3. Select Analytics, and pick the desired report
  4. Click Add analytic to add it to your Biz Review
  5. Select Done Editing when finished



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