Navigate Around WorkBoard


Getting around WorkBoard is meant to be simple, intuitive, and fast, so you can focus on driving your results. The top navigation on the platform provides easy access to essential WorkBoard modules. 


Navigation Outline

The top navigation in WorkBoard is composed of main a 9 dot menu, the WorkBoard logo and module headings. You'll also find the search bar, Create button, notification bell, and your profile photo. 


9 Dot Menu mceclip1.png

Use the 9 dot menu on the upper lefthand corner to access OKR Canvas, Admin tools, and Governance. 

WorkBoard Logo mceclip3.png

The WorkBoard Logo brings you to the start page you've set for WorkBoard. 

Navigation Categories

The headings Objectives, Teamwork, and Meetings & Reviews all drop down into subcategories. 


The Objectives dropdown provides access to My Objectives, Heatmap, Alignment, Results Analytics, and Timeline


The Teamwork dropdown links to My Work, Workstreams, Teams, and My Direct & Dotted.

Meetings & Reviews

Click Meetings & Reviews to access your Biz Reviews or Meetings & 1on1s

Search Bar

The search bar allows you to search within or across all modules in WorkBoard. 

Create Button

The create button allows you to create a new item wherever you are in WorkBoard. 


Notifications mceclip9.png

The notifications icon provides access to your notifications and quick links to items. 


Profile Photo

When you click on your profile image, you can access your Profile, My Settings, Help Center, and the option to logout. 


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