WorkBoard's New Navigation


We're excited to bring you a new, more intuitive navigation experience to help you easily and quickly get to where you need in WorkBoard. The new navigation will be released to customers in stages starting in October 2022. We plan on transitioning everyone to the new experience by the end of the 2022 calendar year.  

What's Coming

New Navigation Timeline

While we'll work with you directly on when your organization will switch to the new navigation, we also want to share the release stages more broadly:

  • Early October: Some users can choose to opt-in to try the new navigation. A subset of customers that have special configurations will not be able to participate in this phase. 
  • Mid October: Some early customers will transition to default experience of the new navigation. 
  • Mid November: More customers will transition to the new navigation, and all new customers' default experience will be the new navigation.
  • End of 2022: Everyone will be transitioned to the new navigation, and the ability to use the previous navigation will no longer be supported.

How to Get Around

Learn more about how to get around WorkBoard using the new navigation

Switching Between the New and Legacy Experience

Until Dec 21, 2022, you will be able to switch back between the new and legacy experience. 

  1. Click your profile image
  2. Select Go back to classic WorkBoard from the dropdown


As we get closer to the availability of the new experience, we will continue to update this article with additional resources. 

There will be a time period where some customers will be using the previous navigation experience, while others will be fully on the new navigation. The Help Center itself will be mainly transitioned to reflect the new navigation experience by early October when the new navigation experience will become available.





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