WorkBoard Learning Lab - Meetings

Do you have too many meetings? We'll share how you can use WorkBoard to make your meetings more effective. Set the agenda ahead of time with objectives, results, workstreams and actions to help drive the right conversations and avoid excessive status reporting.

During the Lab, we shared 9 Pro Tips for having a more effective meeting — here they are for easy reference:

  1. Create agendas in advance of the meeting
  2. Send the agenda/summary ahead of the meeting and inviting team members to contribute
  3. Use smart bullets to structure your meeting agenda
  4. Structure the start of your meeting with FYIs
  5. Structure your agenda with discussion topics for transforming information, with a discussion smart icon
  6. Include your Objectives, Key Results, and/or Action items
  7. Assign created action items to a team workstream
  8. During the meeting, create actions in the takeaways column based on the discussion
  9. Send the summary/meeting minutes after the meeting concludes

Plus, here's an article from HBR on Designing an Agenda for an Effective Meeting.


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