WorkBoard Learning Lab - Workstreams and Action Items

Confused by the hundreds of notifications? Wouldn't it be great to funnel that all into one spot? See how you can use workstreams to link the team's work to outcomes, and how you can use action items to give greater transparency to follow through, status and achievement.

During the Lab, we shared 10 Pro Tips for getting the most value from your action items — here they are for easy reference:

  1. Have an “action” in the name
  2. Put action items in a shared team workstream that makes sense
  3. Make the due date the date you need it by - an action item automatically gives a due date of the same day on which you create it, so be sure to edit this field
  4. Use the notes for context
  5. Use comments for conversation
  6. Attach files in the attachment section
  7. Use priority, effort, and RAG rating
  8. Assign sub-actions if multiple people are involved in the work
  9. Pass the action item back and forth
  10. Add people to “in the loop” so they get notified vs. @ mentioning
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