August 2022 - My Objectives - Convert to Personal Key Results Modal, Edit Key Results Dialog

My Objectives - Convert to Personal Key Results Modal


  • Color Contrast changes have been improved for all below labels:
    • Owner Label
    • View permissions in addition to owner

My Objectives - Edit Object Key Result Modal


  • Remove Icon 'X' has been made accessible with keyboard
  • Remove Icon 'X' has been updated with proper focus
  • Keyboard and Screen reader support added for Info Icon '?'
  • Keyboard and Screen reader support added for popover 


My Objectives - Edit Key Result Dialog


  • Have updated the tab order in sequence (focus will land to first interactive element after dialog appears)
  • Dropdown has been updated to make accessible with keyboard across all the Key Results
  • Keyboard and Screen reader support added for Radio buttons 'How do you want to show progress?*' 


  • Color contrast has been improved for 'Search for teams' placeholder
  • Error handling focus has been made available for screen readers
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