Introduction to WoBo Strategy

Note: WorkBoard Strategy is a separate add-on product. If you’re interested in WorkBoard Strategy, contact your CSM or sales representative. 


In the face of increasingly volatile markets, widely distributed workforces, and transformation driven by technology change and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) awareness, setting long-range strategy is more challenging and important than ever. 

WoBo Strategy allows teams to discuss and determine multi-year strategy, codify and measure progress toward it in a "strategy on a page", elegantly publish the strategy to other stakeholders, and link the long-range strategy to the quarterly OKRs that drive its near-term execution. 

The tool provides a stage to unlock ambition, accelerate results, create inherent ownership and accountability, and elevate strategic thinking at multiple levels within an organization.

With WoBo Strategy:

  1. Connect long-range strategy and near-term objectives and focus
  2. Democratize strategic thinking and formulation of strategy through brainstorming and frameworks
  3. Improve monitoring and iteration on strategy to fuel long-term growth 
  4. Improve alignment of strategies across the company for effective execution
  5. Communicate and share strategy with minimal effort to bring strategy front and center


How Strategy Works

The process of strategy begins at ideation and reaches execution – from concept to completion. 


  • Brainstorm a comprehensive list of strategic approaches for a 3-5 year time horizon.


  • Evaluate all strategic approaches, prioritize, and select top strategic pillars.


  • Share the strategy in all its glory to the right audience. 


  • Set quarterly aligned objectives guided by the strategy and track progress. 

Components of a Strategy

Strategic Pillars support the salient visions of strategies, and have supporting benchmarks, targets, risks, and assumptions outlined by the team. 


  • List the business outcomes that result if the strategy is achieved. 


  • Assumptions outline what must be true in order for the team to achieve the strategy. 

Investment Plans

  • Add investment targets that support the long-range strategy. 


  • Define any present or suspected risks that can impact the strategy. 


  • A concise statement that articulates the strategy's purpose.


  • Big picture of what you want to achieve. 


  • Principles and values your organization will follow in carrying out the strategy


  • Any trends or beliefs that inform your strategy. 

Create a Strategy

Learn more about how to create a strategy. 

Publish a Strategy

Learn how to publish your strategy to stakeholders, teams, or across the organization. 

Invite Collaborators and Viewers to a Strategy

Learn more about how to update your strategy based on the iteration cadence. 

Update a Strategy

Learn more about how to update your strategy based on the iteration cadence. 

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