Find Biz Reviews and Collections


Finding Biz Reviews and Collections is easy from the Biz Reviews Landing Page. Use filter and sort options, the search bar, and favorites to find just what you need. 

Find Items with Filters

Filter the Biz Reviews that appear on your Biz Reviews Landing page by making a selection on the Filters section on the right hand side of the page. Select by State, Type, and Role. 

The Filters selected will appear above the list of Biz Reviews and Collections on your Landing Page:

The Filters you select for will stick to your Landing Page. If you’d like to reset the filters either: 

  • Click Reset filters above the list of Biz Reviews or 
  • Click the dropdown arrow on the Filters button, then select Reset filters 

Search by Name or Owner

If you remember the exact name or keyword included in the name of a Biz Review you’d like to find, or if you want to filter by Biz Review owner, you can use the search bar on the right side of the Landing Page. 

Find by Sort Buttons 

If you’d like to narrow your search further, use the sort buttons on the left side of the Landing Page. When you select the sort buttons, Biz Reviews and Collections will appear that fit within the Filters (if any) that are selected. 

  • All: When selected, all Biz Reviews and Collections you have access to will appear if All is selected, taking into account the filters in place. 
  • Recents: Items that have been recently accessed will appear here. 
  • Favorites: When selected, all Biz Reviews and Collections you’ve pinned as favorites will appear. 

Learn more about creating, organizing, and favoriting Biz Review Collections. 

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