Advanced Key Results Options


There are an array of key result types to select from when creating a key result. To view and set advanced key result options, click "Advanced options" and select one of the buttons in the side pane:

Advanced Key Result Options

  • Set a single key result target:
    • Select one target for your key result.
  • Set multiple key result targets for the period:
      • This key result allows you to set milestones at different intervals of your Objective timeline. 
        • For instance:A year-long objective could have quarterly key result milestones.
        • A quarter-long objective could have monthly key result milestones. 
      • Learn more about creating key results with multiple targets. 
  • Measure progress of actions from a WorkBoard workstream: 
  • Mirror one key result
  • Roll-up key results or objectives:
          • You might roll up key results if you want to sum, average, or combine other results into one. For instance, a key result could provide the average of sales pipeline across a North American salesforce or total the number of developers hired across departments and locations. 
          • Learn how to roll up results.
          • You might roll up objectives to easily derive top-level business unit objectives from one or more child objectives. For example, you can create a single, top-level objective that automatically rolls up the objectives from ​your e-staff​ objectives. The detail view on the parent objective will show the current status of each ​child objective, and you can click into each one to see individual key result details. 
          • Learn how to roll up objectives.
  • Pull data from external applications: 
      • Your organization's technical administrators can set up a data stream to push business data into Workboard from an external application or repository. You can then set that data stream as the source for your results.
      • Learn how to subscribe to a data stream.
  • Survey a group of people: 
      • You can ask a question that will be answered by a number, currency value, or percentage to gather exact values from several people at once. Request a yes or no answer, or ratings on a scale. Surveys are great to quantify concepts like How productive were you this week? Or, Do you have all the tools you need to accomplish your work
      • Learn how to set up survey result key results
  • Cascade results to multiple people: 
      • To quickly align your organization to your company's strategic priorities for the quarter, you can easily cascade a key result down through one or more layers of the org chart. As each individual updates their cascaded key result, those values will automatically roll back up through the organization and into your top-level OKR.
      • Learn how to set up a key result cascade.
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