June 2022 -My Objectives - Edit Key Result Dialog, Badge Modal, Copy & Reset Modal, Close this one out Modal, Meeting Dialog

My Objectives - Add to Meeting Agenda Dialog


  • Color contrast improved in "Meeting name" placeholder text and other text fields
  • Made help icon accessible via keyboard for screen readers
  • Fixed the z-index (overlapping) issue of date controls
  • Associate aria-label added to Workstream input field inside the dialog
  • Linked the label of Share agenda with the corresponding component

My Objectives - Close this one out Dialog


  • Color contrast improved in "Add a narrative" & "Select members of your team" placeholder text 
  • Added announcement to screen readers for all checkboxes
  • Programmatically associated label to "select members of your team" and added all checkbox's to role group

My Objectives - Copy & Reset Modal


  • Visual label added for 'date' field
  • Visual focus added correctly for 'Time Period' filed

My Objectives - Convert to Personal OKR Modal


  • Label associated with team image icon and the text inside the dropdown of owner field

My Objectives - Edit Key Results


  • Now able to navigate all the controls in sequential order using screen readers

My Objectives - Key Results Detail Page


  • Updated the date range dropdown with accessibility features
  • Keyboard and Screen reader support added for 'Update' & 'Confidence' button

My Objectives - Give a Badge Modal


  • Converted the Give a Badge modal to wobo-ui modal
  • Access the 'Who's it for?' component with keyboard
  • 'Send a message with your badge:' is now accessible with keyboard
  • Emoji icons have been updated with corresponding labels (screen readers now announce the emoji's label)

My Objectives - My OKRs (Objective Key Results)


  • Fixed the attribute role for "Team I manage" dropdown
  • Made the emoji icon accessible via keyboard on focusing the KR
  • Announcing the correct information for "Show key result for" control inside the filter component
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