Adding Stickies & Reactions in WoBo Canvas


Sticky notes in WoBo Canvas allow you and your team to easily share ideas and collaborate as you define and execute on your OKRs!

Sticky notes can be added, duplicated, grouped, and moved together for quick and digestible reference. Shells and templates provide the ability to effectively author, display, and organize OKRs.  

Adding Sticky Notes

You can add sticky notes to a Canvas by utilizing the toolbar located on the left-hand side of the screen. If you're using a guided experience template, you can also use the stickies provided in the template. Stickies can be moved by dragging and dropping within the Canvas.

Note: Upon creation or duplication of a sticky note, the author or duplicator's name respectively will appear on the note. While the note can be edited by anyone on the canvas, the original author's name will remain. 

Modifying a Sticky Note

Use the Sticky Note toolbar to modify your Sticky! Let's review the options for modifying, from left to right.

  • Move the sticky note
  • Change the color of your sticky note
  • Change the font size (smaller or bigger)
  • Emoji react
  • Duplicate your sticky note (Note: If you duplicate a sticky note by another author, your name will then appear on the duplicated note.)
  • Send to back
  • Bring to front
  • Lock/unlock position
  • Delete (Note: this is permanent)

Reacting to Stickies

Give great ideas the love they deserve by reacting with a sticky! From the toolbar, click the emoji iconto add a reaction to a sticky. Use a 👍 for ideas you support, a 💡 for those sparking creativity, and a 🚀 for those ready to blast your team to the next level!


Resizing Sticky Notes

You can easily resize sticky notes to fit more ideas into a single view.

  1. Click on a sticky note to highlight the guide points in each corner
  2. Select the guide points and drag or toward the sticky note to expand or contract the size
  3. Edit the text size from the toolbar as needed


Summarizing and Grouping Stickies

Co-Author can organize your brainstorming session by summarizing groups of stickies and by clustering stickies by theme. This smart tool streamlines the brainstorming and sense-making process, so you can focus more on executing and less on organizing.
This feature is a part of the Intelligent Enterprise package. Please contact your WorkBoard Customer Success Manager for more information.

Here’s how to use Co-Author to summarize or group stickies:

  • Click WoBo Canvas from the 9-square waffle menu in the upper left-hand corner of WorkBoard.
  • Select the applicable Canvas from the landing page.
  • Use your cursor to select multiple stickies (either click and drag, or hold down shift and click multiple stickies).
  • Click the Co-Author icon and select whether you’d like to:
    • Summarize stickies
    • Cluster stickies by theme
  • Co-Author will automatically populate either a summary or a cluster of stickies, depending on your selection. Drag and drop anywhere within your Canvas, or use the toolbar to duplicate, move, or delete.
    • After placing the cluster or summary, you’ll have access to the full toolbar to edit the text size, sticky color, and other features.
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