May 2022 - Add a Key Result and My Objectives Improvements

My Objectives - Update a Key Results


Updated the correct role attributes:

  • Confidence button now has a proper role
  • Correct role as "link" is defined for the link present under "key results" column inside table
  • Emoji icon alignment inside comment field has been fixed and can be closed by pressing escape key
  • Emoji picker now has an associated name and role and is accessible via keyboard tab/shift tab key
  • Name/Summary is defined for the table present inside Update Key Results dialog

My Objectives - Edit Key Results


  • Removed extra focus on "Add Key Results dependencies (optional)" and "KR Tags (optional)" controls when navigating in Voice--Over with "Ctrl+Option+Right/Left arrow" keys
  • Improved the color contrast for the form fields 
  • Updated role for different controls in dialog like Add description, Change measurement type, Add key results dependencies, Cancel, Save
  • 'Committed results' label is mapped with its corresponding checkbox 
  • Labels mapped/associated with the corresponding form elements


My Objectives - Give a Badge Dialog


  • Color contrast improved for "Cancel & Send" button
  • Buttons are getting correctly narrated on both JAWS and NVDA
  • Screen reader is announcing the position and count of the badge image controls while navigating in curser mode using up/down arrow keys
  • Role, labels, states and keyboard accessibility added to the following controls:
    • Close Button
    • Cancel Button
    • Input Fields
    • Badge Radio Buttons
    • Send Button
  • Badge images now have alt text available
  • Aria-label attribute is provided for 'Send a message with your badge' input field
  • Improved Luminosity contrast ratio of focus indicator for "Who's it for?" and "Send a message with your badge"

My Objectives - Exclude from objective progress calculation


Checkbox "Exclude from objective progress calculation" is accessible while navigating using tab key.


My Objectives - Export or Print


Removed unnecessary announcements by the Screen Readers 

My Objectives-Convert to Personal OKR


  • Updated the alt attribute to the profile image in above dialog
  • Converted the normal DOM node to heading H1 for 'Convert to Personal OKR' Heading
  • Updated the color contrast for text and buttons
  • Cancel and Convert buttons are converted to wobo-ui components in both the Convert to Personal OKR and Convert to Team OKR dialogs
  • Updated name and role for close button
  • Modal has been updated to wobo-ui component so focus is managed and the user can close the modal using escape key

My Objectives - Create Cascade Key Result


Using ctrl + down/up arrow allows the user to navigate each line of the text without needing extra down arrows presses


My Objectives - QoQ Alignment/Focus


Objectives-->Side navigation-->'Jump to' Search field ->QoQ Control Keyboard is not getting trapped using control+up/down arrow keys



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