April 2022 - Add a Key Result, Global and My Objectives Improvements

Cascade a Key Result

Screenshot of Creating a Cascaded Key Result

  • Label programmatically associated to the
    • "What is the result you want to measure?" text area
    • "Starting from" text field
    • "Target value" text field
    • Radio buttons
  • Cascade a Key Result dialog is now closing using the escape key
  • H1 defined for the "Create Cascaded Key Result" heading
  • "Calculate and graph progress" informational tooltip is keyboard accessible
  • Color contrast improved on placeholder text on inputs, cancel button and Done button
  • Role, name and states added to
    • Cancel button
    • Done button
    • Delete button
    • Remove button
    • Drag and Drop button


Survey a Group of People

Screenshot of creating a Survey Key Result

  • Role, name, states and keyboard accessibility added to
    • Numeric button
    • Yes or No button
    • On as scale of button
    • Change measurement type button
    • Delete button
    • Text inputs

Sitewide - Skip to Main menu

Screenshot of Skip to Menu

  • Fixed an issue in Safari where the Skip to Main menu wasn't visually appearing when VoiceOver was turned on

Sitewide - Secondary Navigation

Screenshot of secondary navigation

  • Focus indicator added to "Jump to" list options
  • Bold styling added to current page in secondary navigation
  • Color contrast improved in "Jump to" placeholder text
  • Focus indicator for "Hide side panel" button is now fully visible


My Objectives - Tabs and Content

Screenshot of My Objectives Page

  • Keyboard trap fixed when tabbing through the Key Result list on the My Key Results tab
  • Reaction Picker tooltip now appears on Key Results list when using a mouse and keyboard
  • Fixed the Key Results list focus indicator that wasn't fully visible
  • Emoji picker is now keyboard accessible in the collapsible key results comments
  • Emoji picker is no longer hidden when when WCAG text spacing styling is applied
  • Comment edit menu now keyboard accessible using tab and shift +tab
  • Tooltips added to the comment edit menu
  • Heading structure added to the Team's view of My OKRs
  • H2 defined for the Team name in the My Key Results tab

My Objectives - Export Dialog and Page

Screenshot of export dialog

  • Improvement to global tooltips so that redundant title, aria-label and aria-described labeling is read less to a screen reader user
  • Color contrast improved on
    • Cancel button in Export dialog
    • Save button in Export dialog
    • Cancel button in Export to Excel dialog
    • Close button in Export to Excel dialog
    • Export button in Export to Excel dialog
  • Role, labels, states and keyboard accessibility added to Export Key Results to Excel dialog
    • Include key results... checkbox
    • Include all teams into the organization tree... checkbox
    • Close button
    • Cancel button
    • Export button
  • Heading structure added to the Export Preview Page

My Objectives - Filter

Screenshot of Filter Dialog

  • Fixed a Narrator bug so that a user is alerted now to the error validation after activating the "Apply" button
  • Date range input now screen reader accessible with both tab and shift +tab
  • Checkbox group structure added to checkbox options
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