Customize the Meetings Dashboard


The Meetings Dashboard can be easily configured to best suit your needs and work rhythms. 

Search for Meetings

Use the Search bar to quickly locate Meetings by title or invitees.


Filter Settings

Meeting filters allow you to view meetings based on certain criteria. The boxes you select will be the default view of your Meetings dashboard, and will remain in place unless you alter your selections.


Meeting Type

Select the type of meetings you want to appear in your view. 

Event Source

Choose if you want to view meetings from your integrated calendar, WorkBoard, or both. 

Agenda Contents

You have the option to view meetings with or without agendas. 


Select which meetings you see based on invitee RSVP.

Best Practices

We suggest the following Meetings filter selection for best results: 

  • Uncheck Personal Events
  • Uncheck Declined Events 


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