Bring Objectives and Key Results into OKR Canvas


Perform an OKR reset with ease and simplify lateral alignment by importing cross-functional team OKRs. 

These OKRs could be from the current quarter, from other teams, or closed (archived) from previous time periods within the WorkBoard platform. 

Note that you can also search for and pull in “Personal OKRs” using the global search feature. Take care searching for and importing personal OKRs when working on a shared screen if there are privacy concerns.

Import OKRs to a Canvas

  1. Navigate to the left-hand toolbar in OKR Canvas.
  2. Select the arrow and box icon mceclip0.png at the bottom of the toolbar.
  3. Select from your team’s previous OKRs, Upline manager’s OKRs, or Search by Key Results owner, Key Result name, or Key Result tag to find OKRs of interest.
    Note: While search is only for Key Results, the corresponding Objective can also be pulled into the Canvas.
  4. After selecting Key Results, choose “Pull in OKRs”.

Select Copy & reset OKR to edit accordingly.

How OKRs are Displayed

If you select more than 1 OKR from the same team and same timeframe, then those OKRs are pulled into the Canvas in a single view.


If you select more than 1 OKR from different teams and/or time timeframes then those OKRs are pulled into the canvas in separate panels.



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