Copy Key Results to Another Objective


If you wrote a complicated Key Result then realize it should fall under another objective, you can easily copy it within or across teams.

You can choose to copy the Key Result so it remains both in the original location and in the new Objective, or you can choose to only move the Key Result so it's located just in the new Objective. 


You need edit access to both the OKRs you're copying from and to in order to copy the key result over.

Copy Key Results to Another Objective

  1. Hover over the key result you'd like to copy. 
  2. In the Kebab menu, select Copy key result.
  3. Search for the objective to which you want to copy the KR.
  4. Once you've found the intended objective, optionally select the option to carry over updates and comments from the original KR, and/or to only move result to new objective.
  5. Activate the Copy button. 



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