Embed Tableau Vizzes in Biz Reviews Iframe Tray


Leverage your Tableau Vizzes by embedding them in your Biz Review iframe Tray directly in WorkBoard. 

An Iframe allows you to embed documents, videos, and interactive media within a page. For example, a web-hosted PowerPoint presentation, an online dashboard (Power BI) or web video (YouTube).

Steps to Embed a Tableau Viz in Biz Review:

  1. Navigate to the Biz Review you'd like to edit.
  2. Select the pencil icon mceclip0.pngon the Biz Review.
  3. Click the +Add button.
  4. Choose Iframe. A new Tray will appear within your Biz Review.
  5. Copy the sharing URL link from the Tableau Viz.
    Note: The share button may be in different locations depending on the context in which you’re viewing a Viz in. It’s usually either in the bottom right or top right of the Viz.

    Your sharing link will look something like this:
  6. Add a title.
  7. Add the URL from Tableau to the new Tray of the Biz Review.
  8. Select Save from Biz Review

Considerations and Troubleshooting

As a Tableau Viz author, you can (and should) define how your Viz shows up in smaller screens from the Viz authoring screen. This can be found on the left panel near Device Preview in Tableau. 


Authors can choose to omit items when previewing Vizzes on a smaller screen, so the Vizzes may appear differently in a small screen compared to a larger screen.

If the Viz appears differently in the small screen versus the larger screen, you can make a copy of the Viz and republish it, or ask the author to change the layout. 


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