Key Results from Snowflake


The Snowflake Data connector for WorkBoard allows you to automate Key Result progress, by providing a snowflake SQL Query. Key Result in WorkBoard will be updated on the data pull specified by the update cadence.  


  • The IT admin for your organization may need to approve the connector for the first time if the App is configured to require approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need to renew my client secret?

The max duration on the expiration of the client secret is 90 days for SSO setup requesting a client ID and client secret. The client secret needs to be renewed and updated in WorkBoard for Key Results to update seamlessly.  

Add a Snowflake Key Result

  1. Hover over your Objective and click the Kebab.
  2. Select Edit Settings.
  3. Select Add another Key Result.
  4. Select Advanced Options.
  5. Choose Pull data from external applications.Screen_Shot_2021-10-20_at_3.11.09_PM.png
  6. Pick Snowflake from the list of integrations. mceclip0.png
  7. Sign in to Snowflake.
  8. Enter the Snowflake SQL query you'd like to run.mceclip2.png
  9. Choose how you'd like data to be pulled from Snowflake by optionally selecting warehouse, database, schema, or specifying them in the query.
  10. (Optional) The Verify Data Source button pulls data from the selected Snowflake dataset and feed in real-time; this allows you to cross reference with the data in Snowflake to make sure you've mapped the right data field to the KR.
  11. Click Save.
  12. Fill out the remaining Key Result details such as Starting Value, Result Value, Target Value, Committed Result, Unit of Measurement and how toCalculate Overall Progress. 
  13. Choose your Update Cadence, which determines when or how often WorkBoard will sync with Snowflake to pull the latest value for your Key Result.
    • Note: Update cadence has the same options you would find for Key Results updated by a person (i.e., Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly).
  14. Select Save.

Synchronizing Data from Snowflake

WorkBoard will pull data for the KR directly from Snowflake following the cadence specified.  The Business Result Owner also has the ability to “sync data now” to pull data in real-time.

There are two ways to sync data for your Key Results.

Force a Sync on a Single Snowflake Key Result:

  1. Select Key Result to go to the Key Results Details page.
  2. Choose the Kebab menu in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Select Sync Integration Data.


Force a Sync for All Key Result Integrations:

  1. From the My Objectives Page, select the Kebab icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Select Sync Integration Data.
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