December 2021 - Objectives Dialog alignment chart and refinement across Objectives pages


This release we have focused on a rebuild of our Objectives Dialog alignment chart and refined keyboard & ARIA patterns, and color contrast across our Objectives pages.

Objectives Dialog Alignment Chart

Screenshot of Objective Dialog alignment chart

  • Three nested tables removed and a html treegrid semantic structure and keyboard patterns implemented
  • Open Objective button functionality fixed
  • Improved availability of tooltips on keyboard focus


My Objectives Export Dialog and Preview Page

Screenshot of the Export Preview page

  • Contrast improvements to the Owner text, @mention name, and Export dialog buttons
  • Name, Roles and States added to the Export to Excel, Export to Word, Send via Email, Print buttons and Export dialog checkboxes
  • Improved form semantics and labeling in Export dialog

My Objectives - My Key Results Tab

Screenshot of Cascade Key Result

  • Cascade Key Results create button is now keyboard accessible
  • Cascade Key Results improved color contrast of buttons, links and text
  • Offscreen H2 heading added for each tab panel in the tab system

My Objective - Filter Options Dialog

Screenshot of Export Preview page

  • Label improvement for date range input
  • Numbers of filters applied is now in tooltip and status alert
  • Escape keyboard action refined so it only closes the Date picker dropdown instead of the entire dialog
  • Removed extra tab order stop for Search for Category dropdown

My Objectives - Key Result Hover Menu
Screenshot of Key Result hover menu

  • Key Results menu reworked to allow better keyboard pattern and availability in browse/scan mode in a screen reader


My Objectives - Add a Comment
Screenshot of Key Result comments

  • Color contrast improvements to comment text input border
  • Removed improperly used ARIA attributes

My Objectives - Add a Reaction
Screenshot of Key Results hover menu

  • Tooltip added to Add Reaction buttons
  • Escape keyboard action is refined so it only closes the reaction menu when nested in another menu

 Team Objectives
Screenshot of Team Objective

  • Next level alignment button is keyboard accessible
  • Pin button and alert is keyboard accessible
  • Top visual heading is now a H1


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