Automate Workstreams

Column Automation

Column automation helps to streamline your Workstream flow.  Automaton can set action item fields such as ownership, status, rating, priority, level of effort, specific due date, and notify users. Add as much automation to a column as needed to achieve your optimal flow.

Automation is triggered when an action item is moved or added to the specific column. Updating a field to an automation trigger will not automatically move the action item to the subsequent column (ex. updating the Status to Done will not move the action item to the Done column). 


Adding Automation 

1. Click the kebab menu in the right corner of the desired column and select Automation from the list. 

2. Select the desired value from the available fields.

3. Click Done when complete. 

4. Add an action item, or move one to the automated column, and the fields will automatically adjust to the automated settings. 



Change/Reset Column Automation

1. Click the kebab menu in the right corner of the desired column and select Automation from the list. 

2.  To Change: Locate the field from the list, and select the appropriate value from the dropdown. Click done when complete. 

3. To Reset: Click the reset button and all automation values will be reset to their original null value. Click Done when complete.

Resetting or changing the column automation will not reset the action items that may already exist within that column. This will only apply to newly created or added action items. 


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