Tagging your Key Result (Key Result Tags)


Working on an initiative where multiple teams across the organization have related key results? Key Result Tagging allows leaders easily view the progress and performance of cross-functional initiatives in a singular view. Save time preparing for status update meetings and accelerate progress of cross-functional teams with improved transparency!

Note: Just as with Objective Categories, Key Result Tags need to be made available for you to use. Take a look at Creating & Managing Key Result Tags to learn more.

Adding Key Result Tags

Edit any Key Result to add Key Result Tags.

  1. Hover over the Key Result, Click the Kebab and select Edit Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the Key Result and click on KR Tags (Optional).
  3. Click Add KR Tag.
  4. Use Key Word search or select Browse tags.
    • Key Word Search:
      • Start typing in the search box.
      • When Key Result tags appear, click on them to add them to your Key Results.
    • Browsing:
      1. If you select Browse tags you can view all of the tags available to you.
      2. Select the Tags that you'd like to add by clicking the Checkbox next to each tag.
        Note: Only Tags available to you will appear when you
      3. Select Add.
  5. Select Save at the bottom of your Key Result.

Viewing Tags on Key Result Details Pages

  1. Navigate to any Key Result by click on the Key Result or selecting View Details from the OKR details pop-up.
  2. The Key Result Tag(s) will appear under the Related Work section.

2021-10-28_12-58-09.pngGlobal Search

Use the Global Search to filter for Key Result Tags across the organization with the Search by Tag functionality. This allows you to view the progress for all initiatives across the organization with that Tag.


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