Add Key Result Charts to Biz Reviews


Adding Charts to Biz Review provides a deep dive into the progress of Key Results. You can add data from other sources into your Biz Reviews or use existing Key Result data from current and previous quarters.

Available Key Result Charts

Create customizable Charts to display Key Results or KPIs (Data Streams) in WorkBoard. You can choose up to 8 Key Results to display on a chart.

Chart Options:

  • Progress Only
    • Line
    • Bar
    • Stacked Bar
    • Donut (Available if showcasing only one Key Result or KPI)
  • Plan vs. Actual
    • Bar
    • Line

Add Key Result Charts to Biz Reviews

  1. Select the Pencil mceclip0.png in the upper right-hand corner of the Biz Review.
  2. Select Add Content.
  3. Choose Chart.
  4. Choose between adding Key Results or KPI.
    KPIs populate from Data Streams that are either visible to your Teams or Global.
  5. Search for a Key Result by searching for the name, Team or owner of the Key Result.
  6. Add the Key Results.
    Note: The measurement for each Key Result must be the same when creating a Chart.
  7. Optional: To add multiple Key Results to the chart Select Add More Key Results. 
  8. Choose the Chart type to display your Key Results.
    Note: Available Chart types will depend on the number of Key Results added in the prior screen.
  9. Select the Date range for your Key Result values. 
  10. Customize Key Result display with a custom Legend label, data series color and an optional narrative text area. 
  11. Click Add chart to finish building the Chart Tray.

Customizing Data Labels

After creating a chart, you can customize how the labels are shown--either shown or hidden for the entire Biz Review, or within a certain tray.

To adjust the chart labels for an entire Biz Review:

  • Select the kebab menu (3 dots) in the upper right-hand corner of your Biz Review
  • Click Show all data labels

To adjust the chart labels for an individual tray:

  • Select the kebab menu in the upper right-hand corner of a chart tray
  • Select Show data labels

Refresh Chart Tray

If you notice stale data in your chart or if an update was just made to a Key Result, you can easily refresh the data.

  1. Click the kebab menu on the in the upper right hand corner of the chart tray
  2. Click Refresh


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