Add and Edit Biz Review Trays


Biz Review Trays are a simple and effective way to showcase your part of the business, and are automatically updated based on progress you've made.

When you create a new Biz Review, Team Objectives, Key Results, Workstreams and Action Trays are added by default. Review and adjust them in Edit mode.

Add Trays

  1. Navigate to the Biz Review you'd like to edit. 
  2. Select the Pencil icon.
  3. Select +Add Content.
  4. Choose one of the following Trays:
    • Objectives
    • Key Results
    • Workstreams
    • Actions
    • Hotbox
    • Chart
    • Analytics
    • Text
    • Image
    • iFrame
    • Section 
    • Scorecards

Please note that text can be added to a Text Tray in any mode - View, Edit, Fullscreen or Present. Simply click into a Text Tray to edit, then click outside of that tray to save it. Only one user can edit a Biz Review at one time.

Add Content to Trays

  1. Select the “+” icon on the Objective, Key Result, or Workstream Tray to bring up a search.
  2. Select from the pre-populated options or search for that specific Action, Objective, Key Result, or Workstream. 
  3. After checking all that apply, select Add.
  4. When done editing, select Done Editing to save your progress.

Note: You can only search for and add Objectives and Key Results from Teams that you're on unless they’re Personal (OKRs). You can search for and add any Workstream to which you have been added.

Edit Existing Trays 

  1. Select the Pencil mceclip0.png.
  2. Click on the "+" in the corner of the Tray to add object records (Example: adding Workstreams to the Workstream Tray, Key Results to the Key Results tray, etc.)

Note: Right click on any tray to bring up the quick action menu and make edits from there.

Actions Tray

After creating an Actions tray, there will be the option to Create New a new Action. You can set the default Workstream for this tray by selecting the kebab menu (3 dots) and then Default Workstream. From here, you can search and select the default Workstream that Actions will be assigned to when they are created from a Biz Review.

Rename Additional Action & Hotbox Trays

Group follow ups from Biz Reviews with multiple Actions trays and title them by team or leader.

  • Create a new Action or Hotbox tray
  • Click into the editable title text box field
  • Rename your tray accordingly 

Choose Custom Tray Colors

Customize the look and feel of your QBRs by choosing your colors for specific trays, sections, or an entire Biz Review to match your brand. 

Access the Color Picker via the ‘three dots’ menus on your Biz Review. You can also enter a specific Hex color for an exact match.



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