September 2021 - My Objectives component and Secondary Navigation Color Contrast

My Objectives - Objective and Key Results Component

Objectives and Key Results Component

  • Semantic Labeling (HTML or ARIA)

    • H2 added for the Objective name
    • Unordered list structure added to Key Results under the Objective
    • Offscreen labeling added for
      • Time Frame
      • Owner
      • Team
      • Last Updated
      • Risk
      • Key Result
      • Data Source
    • Progress role, values, and risk level added to progress bar
  • Keyboard functionality (focus indicators, labeling, tab order, and key press events) 

    • Move icon button added to initiate drag and drop.
    • Objective Name - opens Objectives details in a dialog
    • Collapse button
    • Objective more options menu (coming in early October)
    • Key Results link - opens Key Results details in a page
    • Reaction button and menu
    • Key Results hover menu
      • Ping for update button
      • Comments Button and expanding content
      • Alignment button - opens alignment page
      • Reactions button and menu
      • Key Results more options menu (coming in early October)

Secondary Navigation - Color Contrast

Secondary Navigation color contrast improvements

  • Color contrast improvements to secondary navigation buttons, links, icons and input text. 
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