April 2021 - Sitewide and My Objectives

In April we made improvements to our sitewide left navigation, semantic structuring, pin feature and export dialog.  Below are a list of improvement: 


Left Navigation

  • Keyboard Functionality, Focus Indicators and ARIA labels, roles, and states added to:
    • Collapse/Expand feature
    • Accordions
    • Buttons and Links
  • Link structuring fixed
  • H2 added to secondary navigation heading

Common Features

  • Export Dialog improvements made to focus management, keyboard functionality, ARIA roles & labeling, and form inputs
  • Pin feature improvements made to keyboard functionality, focus indicator and ARIA roles, states & labeling on pin button
  • Alert role added to the Sync Integration Data and Pin button so a user knows an action has occurred

Sitewide Semantic Structuring

  • Landmark regions added to right aside, left navigation and main region
  • Visual table hidden from screen reader

My Objectives Semantic Structuring

  • H1 added to My Objectives top heading
  • H1 added to My OKR Activity right aside
  • H3 added to team name in My Objective tab pages
  • H4 added to objectives name in My Objective tab pages
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