January 2021 - Help Desk Center

In January we focus on making accessibility improvements to our Help Desk pages. Below are a list of improvement: 



  • Aria-label and aria-current page added to Breadcrumb links 
  • Keyboard focus is taken to the content after activating a link in the Table of Contents
  • ARIA roles, labels and states added to secondary navigation tree menu
  • Redundant mobile secondary navigation hidden from screen reader in desktop view
  • ARIA states added to expanding toggle navigation and links are hidden from a screen reader when collapsed. DOM placement improved so a user doesn't have to tab up the page to find links
  • Main landmark region added
  • Alt text added to home logo and social media image links

Welcome Help Center Homepage

  • General

    • Focus indicator added to Close Button in expanding mobile navigation
    • ARIA label added to Scroll to Top button
  • View by OKR Module Tab

    • Keyboard functionality and ARIA labels, roles and states added to tab navigation
    • Visual alignment approved on list of articles
    • Keyboard functionality and aria labels, roles, and states added to category accordions
    • Semantic headings added
  • View by OKR Stage Tab

    • Decorative images hidden from screen reader
    • Keyboard functionality and aria labels, roles, and states added to secondary tab navigation
    • Semantic headings added
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