Track progression quarter to quarter 


Note: Please review the introduction to Setting Quarterly Key Result Milestones for your Annual Target if you haven't already.

In this article, we cover how to Track progress from quarter to quarter. An example for could be where the targets set per interval (ex. quarterly targets) are milestones that we need to reach, and the achievement for the intervals should not be totaled together, but rather show progression from target to target, to calculate progress.

In fact, in these cases, the most recent achieved value is the true progress towards the overall target and plan. Examples include: 

  • Stock price in $ 
  • Reducing churn percentage rate 
  • Increasing market share % 
  • Increasing weekly traffic to the website 

For these cases, selecting Track progression from quarter to quarter for how the overall key result progress should be calculated is the best choice. 


  1. Select the radio button Track progression from quarter to quarter. 
    The form will auto-populate with the OVERALL TARGET section for the annual result and 4 rows for each quarter under SET YOUR TARGETS section. 
  2. Choose the Starting and Target Values for the Annual Key Result
  3. For Result Value choose whether the value Should increase to or Should decrease to depending on the outcome.
  4. Select the Unit of Measurement (Number, Currency or Percentage).
  5. Decide if this Key Result should be a Committed Key Result.
  6. Enter your quarterly Target names (if different from the annual result name) and quarterly Target values.
  7. Select how your updates will be provided. 
    • If “Result from a person”, no changes are necessary. Click on the dropdown and search and assign the Key Result to a team member. 
      • If you select Result from a Person, then choose an update frequency
        Note: Update frequency cannot be modified once the key result is created. 
    • If you would like to connect to a data stream, select “Automated data stream” and search for and select the data stream that you would like to feed this key result. 
      Note: Only Datastreams made available to you by the WorkBoard Administrator will be available to choose from.
  8. Click Save.
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