Add Up Results from Each Quarter


Note: Please review the introduction to Setting Quarterly Key Result Milestones for your Annual Target if you haven't already.

Quite often, the overall annual key result achievement should be a total all quarter intervals. In the example below, the achieved value for Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 need to be totaled to compute the overall annual New Bookings number.  

In this case, when creating the key result, we want to make sure that we select the option to calculate the overall progress of the key result as Adding up results from each quarter. 

The tooltip below highlights that each quarters values are totaled together and we often see this in sales, growth or acquisition focused key results. 

  • Add up results from each quarter - This options adds all of your quarterly results together and displays your Key Results as a Bar Chart.


  1. Select the radio button Add up results from each quarter.
    The form will auto-populate with the OVERALL TARGET section for the annual result and 4 rows for each quarter under SET YOUR TARGETS section.
    Example KR below:
  2. Choose the Starting and Target Values for the Annual Key Result
  3. For Result Value choose whether the value Should increase to or Should decrease to depending on the outcome.
  4. Select the Unit of Measurement (Number, Currency or Percentage).
  5. Decide if this Key Result should be a Committed Key Result.
  6. Enter your quarterly Target names (if different from the annual result name) and quarterly Target values.
  7. Choose who will measure the progress as well as the result frequency. 
    Note: Update frequency cannot be modified once the key result is created. 
  8. Click Save.


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