FAQ: What happens when users leave the org?


This article provides helpful information about what happens when a user leaves WorkBoard that owns OKRs, Action Items, Meetings and RBRs.


  • What happens to OKRs when the Team Manager leaves? 
    • The OKRs stay assigned to the deactivated Manager (user) until a Co-Manager or WorkBoard Admin assigns a new Manager to the Team or the Co-Manager assigns the OKR to themself or another Co-Manager.
  • What happens to OKRs owned by a Co-Manager?
    • The OKRs stay assigned to the deactivated Co-Manager until the Manager or another Co-Manager changes the owner.
  • What happens to KRs owned by someone that is removed from the Org? Those KRs stay assigned to the deactivated user until a new owner is set by a Team Admin, Co-Manager or Manager.
  • What happens to Personal OKRs? 
    • Personal OKRs that were Organizationally Viewable, stay viewable but cannot be edited/updated by anyone else.

Workstreams & Action Items

  • What happens to Team Workstreams created by the user who left?
    • Workstreams are owned by the Team, not by an individual, and can be updated by the Team Manager or Co-Manager at any time. 
  • What happens to their Personal Workstreams?
    • Personal Workstreams are personal and no one has access to them except the owner of the Workstream. 
  • What happens to their Action Items on Team Workstreams?
    • Action Items created on Teams are reassigned to the Manager of the Team where they were created, when that user leaves the org.
  • What happens to their Action Items on Personal Workstreams?
    • Action Items on Personal Workstreams are not accessible by anyone but the original owner, so unless moved to a Team Workstream cannot be accessed after a user leaves the Org.


  • What happens to Meetings created by the user?
    • WorkBoard Meetings that are created as standalone WorkBoard Meetings or because of a calendar event from Google or (Microsoft) Outlook will stop, but they are not deleted, and the users who attended those meetings still have access to view them.

Running Business Reviews

  • What happens to Running Business Reviews owned by the user who left the organization that were shared globally?
    • Running Business Reviews that were shared globally or with specific people or teams, stay active and shared with participants. 
    • Note: If it known that a user is leaving, then having that user give Editor permissions to another teammate is preferable. That said, any Biz Review in WorkBoard can be duplicated by users who have access to View it without having Editor permissions, so you could simply, Duplicate, Leave (the old Biz Review), update the duplicated Biz Review, and share it out with your Team.
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