Setting Supporting Quarterly Results that do not contribute to Annual Progress


Often times we may have a long-term strategic initiative for the year where we may not have clearly defined targets or milestones for each quarter. We have quarterly key results in mind that help support achievement of our annual outcome but may not directly contribute to the mathematical achievement of the key result. 

In this case, the quarterly key results support but do not contribute to the calculation of the annual key result. Examples include: 

  • New product innovations 
  • New market strategies 
  • Long term strategic initiatives 
  • And several more! 

This functionality will allow you to create multiple key results per quarter under a single annual key result. The tool tip below highlights that the annual and quarterly key results are calculated independently but still related. 



  1. Edit a Key Result under an Annual OKR by hovering over the Key Result, Clicking the Kebab and selecting Edit Settings.
  2. Select the Blue link Add Supporting Quarterly Key Result (optional).
  3. In the key result entry modal that pops up, enter the Quarterly Duration, Start and Target Values, Unit of Measurement, Key Result Owner and update frequency. 
    • Note: If you would like to set an Advanced Key Result (I.e. Mirror, Roll-up, Workstreams) click on “More options.” 
  4. Click Save.
  5. Once the supporting quarterly key result is saved, you can:
    • Edit the key result by clicking on the pencil icon
    • Delete the key result by clicking on the trash can icon
      • You will be asked for deletion confirmation
    • Add another supporting quarterly key result by clicking on Add another key result.
  6. Add as many supporting quarterly key results as you would like and select Save. 

NOTE: This feature is only available for early access at the moment. Interested in testing out this functionality and providing early feedback? Reach out to your CSM to enable! 

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