Create an annual OKR with variable quarterly key results


Do you want to know how your quarterly results are driving progress to the annual plan? WorkBoard allows you to create annual objectives with specific and unique quarterly key results (as a single OKR rather than unique OKRs for each quarter). 

This will help you: 

  1. Simplify the process of setting and managing quarter progression on a given objective when you know what you want to achieve each quarter at the outset of the year.  
  2. See what's intended for each subsequent quarter more easily with simplified views on My OKRs, Biz Reviews, and other pages.  
  3. Get smarter quarter-over-quarter plan vs actual charts for your annual objectives on Biz Reviews and key result detail pages automatically. 



WorkBoard enables you to set quarterly key results under your annual objective in two ways: 

  1. Set quarterly key result targets for your annual target 
  2. Set supporting quarterly key results that do not contribute to the annual result progress 
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