Setting Quarterly Key Result Milestones for your Annual Target


Setting quarterly key result targets will allow you to break down your annual result into quarterly targets. This Help Center Article covers how to set those quarterly targets and the different options for viewing them over time.


  1. Add another Key Result to your Objective by hover over your Objective, clicking on the Kebab and selecting Edit. 
  2. Select Add another key result 
  3. Type in the name of the Annual Key Result and Select Advanced Options immediately. 
  4. If you accidentally hit Enter on your keyboard, select More Options and then Change Measurement Type to navigate to the Key Result Selector in the OKR Wizard. 
  5. Select "Set multiple key result targets for the period.” 
  6. You now have 4 different options available. WorkBoard will allow you to calculate these quarterly targets in different ways: 

Note: Your Objective has to be set to an annual time period (I.e. FY21, FY22) for the below steps to appear. 

Note: The images shown above appear when you hover over the tool tips to the right of the button.

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