(New) Introducing the New Enhanced Meetings Integration!

Different IT organizations have different IT policies. Before you can integrate your Outlook calendar, you might need to request the approval from your IT admin. 


We've rebuilt how WorkBoard Meetings integrate with your calendar, making it easier than ever for you to create and view agendas for your meetings. The new experience will be rolled out over the next few months. Here's what you can expect:

Sync your calendar with WorkBoard

You can now see all your calendar events and WorkBoard meeting agendas in one place. Simply integrate your calendar provider with WorkBoard to see all your events, and any changes made to them, reflected in WorkBoard.


Selecting a calendar provider to integrate



The new Meetings Dashboard

To find meetings of interest, easily search using the filter at the top of your meeting list.  


Streamlined creation of Meeting Agendas 

Once your calendar is integrated, simply click on an integrated meeting on your Meetings Dashboard and we'll create a Meeting Agenda for it! If an agenda already exists, clicking will just open it.

We take care of the logistics so you can focus on having an effective meeting. This is what we do behind the scenes when an agenda is created:

  • All participants from the calendar invite are added to the Meeting Agenda (as long as they have WorkBoard accounts). Say goodbye to manually sharing a Meeting Agenda with all your teammates!
  • The new Meeting Agenda is linked to the calendar event. Any changes to the event (e.g. adding participants, changing meeting description, etc.) are reflected instantaneously in WorkBoard.
  • The link to your Meeting Agenda will be added to the calendar description (if the agenda creator has permissions to edit the calendar event).

Follow the thread

You can find Meeting Agendas that are linked to the same calendar series in the Series List, making it easy to remember what you talked about last time the team met or start planning ahead for the next meeting. Similar to the Meetings Dashboard, if you click on an event in the Series List that doesn't have an agenda yet, we'll create one for you.


The Series List shows all events and agendas within a calendar series

More coming soon

We're working hard to improve Meetings further and provide you with a smooth and reliable experience. Adding topics and Takeways, Action Items, Workstreams, and OKRs hasn't changed in this update, but improvements will be coming soon. We're also working on better integrating your Meeting Agendas to your calendar with features such as the ability to merge series together.

We're excited for you to use the new Meetings module and we hope it helps you create and run effective, outcome-driven meetings more easily in your organization!

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