Create 1on1s from Existing Meetings & View Meeting Series


Conducting 1on1s in WorkBoard allows you to elevate your discussions with data-driven agendas, where:

  • Both parties can plan ahead and add topics to a shared agenda 
  • Current progress to plan can be added right to the agenda
  • Decisions can be captured and memorialized
  • Follow ups hit your to-do lists instantly
  • PACE calibration tool can serve as a conversation starter for gaps in alignment


In WorkBoard, 1on1s meetings are designed for coaching conversations and are therefore only available between you and the people you report to, or those who report to you. If you are trying to set up 1on1 meetings with peers or other colleagues, just create a new meeting and only invite that specific individual.

Options for Setting up 1on1s in WorkBoard

To set up your 1on1s meetings in WorkBoard, you can either create a new series directly in WorkBoard or link existing recurring 1on1 meetings from your calendar to WorkBoard.

This guide will show you how to connect your existing recurring meetings from your calendar to your WorkBoard 1on1s.

If you don't already have a recurring meeting scheduled, you can set one up by following the instructions provided here.

Create a 1on1 in WorkBoard

  1. Make sure you have connected and integrated your WorkBoard account with your Calendar. You can do so from the Meetings dashboard page here.
  2. Make sure you already have a 1on1 meeting in your calendar with your manager or your direct report with whom you want to create a WorkBoard 1on1 Meeting. If you don't have one, set it up from your calendar.
  3. Open the WorkBoard Meetings dashboard - quick link here.
  4. Click the meeting event that you created in Step 2
  5. Click the button in the banner that says Convert this meeting to a 1on1. You may also find this option under the 3-dot kebob icon.
    • Note: Since WorkBoard 1on1s are designed for coaching conversations, you will only see this option for people you report to, or those who report to you.

How to View the Series of Events

  1. Open a recurring Meeting or 1on1
    Note: You'll see the circular arrow icon indicating that it's recurring.mceclip0.png
  2. In the meeting, below the title and next to the date, select View Seriesmceclip1.png


  3. On the right side of the screen, you'll notice the series of calendar events appear.


  4. Select any of these past or future events to view, add, or update the agenda
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