Feedback & Alignment in 1on1s with the PACE Meter


During 1on1s, both manager and team member can compare how they feel about current performance, alignment, competence and engagement levels using the PACE meter. Over time, you’ll be able to see if you're on the same page or if your perception is starting to diverge. By finding and discussing the differences early, you can avoid any surprises during a larger performance review.

Performance: The quality of their work.
Alignment: How in sync they are with company and team objectives and priorities.
Competence: The knowledge and skills they need for their role.
Engagement: How much they contribute to the company and their team.



Best Practices

The PACE meter can be a great way to start a conversation about gaps in perception. If the member rates themselves as a 3 but the manager thinks they are a performing at a 5, then perhaps the member is feeling unmotivated or unappreciated. If the opposite occurs, then perhaps the team member thinks they're doing great work, but the manager believes they have misaligned priorities and are doing the wrong work.

When you adjust the four sliders, you see suggested meanings for each rating. Don't take the rating too seriously; just select what you're feeling and address the gaps from there.

The PACE meter allows the manager and team member to visualize ratings over time, and the chart gets more powerful and insightful the more 1on1s you conduct in WorkBoard.

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