Setting up 1on1s with Direct & Dotted-Line Reports


Conduct your 1on1s in WorkBoard to remove operational roadblocks, build momentum and loyalty, help people grow, and prevent misalignment or misunderstanding. You can provide feedback with our PACE meter and review their OKRs easily without having to pull them in manually. 1on1s can be set up with your direct & dotted-line reports in WorkBoard.

How to Set Up 1on1s 

You can schedule recurring or one-off 1on1s with your direct & dotted-line reports. 

Note: In the new version of WorkBoard Meetings all of your Meetings and 1on1s will appear on the same page.

  1. Select Meetings from the main menu.
  2. On the right side of the page you'll see all of the folks with whom you can set up a 1on1. 


    Note: The manager or direct/dotted-line report can set up the 1on1.


  3. Hover over anyone where it says "Next: None" to set up a 1on1. Note: For those that you've already set up a 1on1 with, you'll notice the number of Topics you've added to the next 1on1 agenda. Additionally, you'll notice the "last" legacy 1on1 that you had with this person. Legacy 1on1s are discontinued with the latest version of WorkBoard Meetings, so a new 1on1 must be scheduled. However, you can always view the previous 1on1s you had with any direct/dotted-line report by selecting View last 1on1



  4. Select Setup new 1on1.
  5. Set the Date, Time for the first 1on1 and Select to Push to Google or Outlook Calendar (depending on your integration). You can always update the 1on1 from your calendar if you need to.



  6. After pushing the 1on1 to your calendar, you can edit it, add your conferencing details (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, etc.) and make the 1on1 recurring. *Note: WorkBoard doesn't want you to schedule recurring 1on1s from WorkBoard, so setting them up from WorkBoard.
  7. Select Create.
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