Manage Direct & Dotted Reports


Direct & Dotted on the Teams page provides frontline managers & managers of managers a list of their reports and their titles. This page also provides a list of any OKRs reports own or update.

Navigate to My Direct & Dotted

  1. Select Teamwork from the main menu
  2. Select My Direct & Dotted

View Team Members

On the Members tab you'll see all of the folks that have direct or dotted-line reporting to you.  



Click on any of these users to view their user-focused page that contains:

  • Their Action Items
  • The badges they've received
  • Action Item Reports (if they have submitted any)
  • Objectives
  • Any scheduled 1on1s you have with them.

View Team Member OKRs

As with all views, you can filter by overdue Key Results, Hide or show Key Results, filter OKRs by time period and/or publish, print, and export the data of this page. The same options are available on the Objectives pages, Teams pages, and the Heatmap. You can apply these filters by activating the buttons above the results content. 

View Team Member Key Results

The Key Results tab contains all of the Key Results that your Direct & Dotted Reports Own, Update, or Own & Update. You can filter the results to only include the overdue key results by marking the checkbox. 

Note: In order to have these filter options, you must enable the Key Result Owner feature in WorkBoard. Otherwise, you'll only see the Key Results that these users Update.


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