(New) How to Add a Meeting Admin


WorkBoard allows you to delegate meeting owner privileges to other members of your WorkBoard Meeting. By giving users the 'Meeting Admin' permission, you allow those users to edit or delete the WorkBoard Meeting. 

Why would you want to add a Meeting Admin?

When you or the person who created the Meeting is not able to host, then having someone available to update it is a convenient option.

Meeting Admins Can:

  • Add & Remove Participants
  • Change Participants Permissions (including downgrading their permission to participant)
  • Delete the Meeting

Steps to Add a Meeting Admin

  1. From the Meeting, click on the "+" by the participants (anyone) in the upper right-hand corner of the Meeting to view the Meeting Participants.
  2. Once in the Meeting Participants modal, select the dropdown next to the user you wish to make a Meeting Admin.


  3. Select Admin.
  4. Select Done.
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