Tabs on the My Objectives Page


The My Objectives Page includes different tabs depending on organizational structure, and can vary based on roles, teams in WorkBoard, and other factors. 


The My OKRs tab displays all of the team OKRs where you’re a Manager or a Co-Manager. Here you’ll also find your Personal OKRs.


My Key Results

The My Key Results tab displays all of the Key Results that you Own or update if you have Key Result Owner enabled on your WorkBoard instance. If you don’t have Key Result Owner enabled, then this tab displays the Key Results you update.



My Manager’s OKRs

The Manager’s OKRs tab displays your direct Manager's OKRs on teams where they're a Manager or Co-Manager. The tab will only appear if your Manager and their teams have added OKRs. To see your Manager in WorkBoard (which should be the same Manager that you report to directly from your Org Chart), take a look at your profile page or see the Alignment by People View.

Note: If you’re added to another team outside of your Organizations instance as an External User, then that Manager’s OKRs will also appear in your instance under the My Manager’s OKRs tab.

My Team OKRs

The My Team OKRs tab displays all the teams that you're a part of that have OKRs where you’re not a Manager or a Co-Manager. If you don’t belong to any team that has OKRs where you’re not a Manager or Co-Manager, then this tab won’t appear.

The tab will appear for teams where your permission is:

  • Team Admin
  • Member 
  • Executive Viewer
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