Favorite Items and View Recents


WorkBoard allows you to easily navigate to different parts of the platform and access important content by Pinning to Favorites and viewing recent items. 

Favorite Items

You can Pin as many items to your Favorites as you'd like under a specific module (Objectives, Meetings, Workstreams, etc.). Your Favorites appear when clicking into that module.

  1. Locate the pushpin on most module details pages. The pushpin indicates that the page can be pinned to your Favorites for easy access by clicking into the module it is associated with.
  2. Click the pushpin for the page to appear in your Favorites section for the module.


  3. Click the menu item and module, where you'll find your latest favorite appear at the top.


View Recent Items

WorkBoard catalogs your 10 most recently selected items and displays them under your Recents when you click into a module.

Simply click into a recently selected item to navigate to that recent item.

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