(New) Enhanced Meetings Integration FAQ


We've compiled the most commons questions you may have around the differences between the older and newer versions of WorkBoard Meetings and what to expect.

What happens to my Recurring WorkBoard Meetings?

  • If you had a legacy recurring meeting in a series, it is still there! However, we stop the recurrence of the meeting when the new meetings experience is enabled.
  • The easiest way to link the recurring legacy meeting with the new series is to simply open the legacy series, and then copy/paste its URL into the meeting details of the new series. Alternatively, you can use this opportunity as a fresh start with your meetings!

I'm on the new meetings integration but can't schedule a recurring meeting. What should I do? 

  • The new meetings integration relies solely on your calendar provider to create recurring meetings. If you are not integrated with a calendar provider (Google or Outlook), you will not be able to create recurring meetings in WorkBoard. Upon integrating with a calendar provider, you will be able to create recurring meetings in WorkBoard, or use existing recurring meetings on your calendar. 

What happened to my old meetings? 

  • Your old WorkBoard Meeting Agendas still exist! You can navigate to them using the date selector in the meetings dashboard. Alternatively you can use the global search if you know the name of the meeting to find it.



What happens to my 1on1s?

  • You will notice that the 1on1 dashboard and meetings dashboard are now one and the same! As we migrate to New Meetings, any legacy 1on1s you have will stop recurring. You will have to create a new 1on1 series within WorkBoard and push it to your integrated calendar.
  • As we migrate to New Meetings, any legacy 1on1 series will be ended. You will have to create a new 1on1 series within WorkBoard, pushing to your integrated calendar.

  • If you have any upcoming 1on1s within WorkBoard, make sure that the new 1on1 series you create starts AFTER the latest existing 1on1.

Why are some meetings white, some purple?

  • Depending on the status of the meeting, it will appear a different color. You can refer to this legend (meant to be in the app, but hasn’t been built yet), and we are also exploring better ways to indicate what they mean - we’d love your feedback!



Why do I see duplicate meetings on my dashboard? 

WorkBoard's new Meetings architecture mirrors events from your calendar service. This will result in duplicate meeting events for past and some future events.

To find prior meetings content (Topics and Takeaways), we suggest:

  1. Start from the Meetings Dashboard (event calendar)
  2. Navigate to the day of the prior meeting
  3. Look for the Meeting with the Legacy Tag


How can I combine my duplicate (WorkBoard Meetings with calendar event) meetings? 

  • In the case where you see a calendar event on your dashboard as well as a WorkBoard meeting agenda, open the “purple” meeting, click the “Link to calendar” button, and select the calendar event to which that agenda belongs.

Why can’t I edit the title/description/location of my meeting?

  • If you are unable to edit the WorkBoard Meeting Agenda it is most likely linked to a calendar event. Meetings linked to calendar events have their title/description/location controlled by the calendar.

I removed or added agenda items from the recurring template - why are they still on the next meeting?

  • Currently when you set a topic to be recurring it gets added to the recurring meeting template. When you create a new WorkBoard Meeting Agenda by clicking on the next event in the series, that meeting template gets applied to the new meeting. Once applied, updates do not happen automatically. Our plans to address this

Can I integrate with a calendar account that is tied to a different email address that my WorkBoard login?

  • Yes!

Why don’t I see all my meetings and 1on1s on My Work this week?

  • Clicking “Prep for 1on1” in My Work, does not work unless the WB 1on1 Agenda has already been created. Once the WorkBoard meeting is created, the meeting will show on your My Work > This Week view.
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