How to file a bug


Run into something that just doesn't seem right? Think WorkBoard is delivering the wrong result? Follow the steps below to create and submit a bug request!

Here's a link to file a bug. Check out the steps below to learn more.

Filing a bug within the Help Center

  1. Simply head to our Help Center and click on Submit a Ticket.



  2. From the dropdown select Contact Us: Technical Support and fill out the form including the type of support, your email address, email addresses to CC (optional), subject, description:



  3. Select Submit.

Checking on the Status of your Request

At any time you can log in to the Help Center to view your Tickets.

  1. Visit our Help Center and select Sign-In.


    Note: If you haven't already created a profile with your WorkBoard login email address then you'll need to select Sign up to view your tickets, otherwise, enter your username and password.


  2. After signing in, click on your name and select My Activities.



  3. This will bring you to the ‘My Requests’ view, where you’ll be able to see the status of all tickets you’ve submitted, and their active status. Click on the Subject of any ticket to view all of the updates from WorkBoard.



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