Create an Individual Goal


WorkBoard makes it easy to create an Individual Goal that is separate from your Team's OKRs. 

Use Individual Goals in Workboard when:

  • You have individual goals you’re tracking elsewhere that you want to move to WorkBoard
  • You want to track your career growth with measurable outcomes
  • You own non-Team OKRs at your workplace

Create an Individual Goal

  1. Click Create from the upper right-hand side of the page.
  2. Click Objectives.

  3. Select Individual Goal.

  4. Add your goal name (statement of intent for the given time period)
  5. Hit Enter on your keyboard

  6. Ensure that all of the Objective fields are filled out correctly for your Objective
    Note: You can always come back and edit them later if necessary.

OKR Owner

The Owner field for Individual Goals will automatically be assigned to you. You can also create Individual Goals for people that report to you directly by clicking on the Owner dropdown.


OKR Visibility on Individual Goals

Learn more about controlling who can view your Personal Objectives using View Permissions. 

Sample Individual Goals

Improve my impact on the team and the product

  • KR1: Take 2 classes in database architecture and share learnings with team

  • KR2: Reduce existing defects by 10%

  • KR3: Increase code review cadence with junior team members by 50%

  • KR4: Improve confidence in coding Python from 0.5 to 0.8 (out of 1)

I will grow and strengthen my leadership skills to support the growth of my team

  • KR1: Read 1 new book about becoming a better leader.

  • KR2: Complete 1 online leadership educational course

  • KR3: Attend at least 2 virtual meetups to learn from other leaders

Get closer to the customer and become more human centered

  • KR1: 10 customer shadow sessions with product team

  • KR2: Interview 5 product designers or user researchers to learn about our user personas

  • KR3: Host a Product & Eng. team brown bag

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