Calibrate & Celebrate with WorkBoard in Microsoft Teams


Calibrate and Celebrate in Microsoft Teams brings your OKRs into your line of sight on Monday mornings, shows you where to focus for the week (including risks and where you’re waiting on data) and  highlights the wins to celebrate with your team on Fridays. Simple but powerful messages mean you don't even have to leave your MS Teams chat to keep your team focused on the results that you all wanted to achieve. You never leave the conversation, but you crush your team’s objectives and results all the same!

Kickstart your week by calibrating on key results  on Monday

  • Every Monday morning (6 AM in your WorkBoard time zone) as you log into Microsoft Teams, you will be prompted by WorkBoard with a summary of what you and your team need to focus on, this week.
  • At a glance, see how your team is progressing towards achieving their outcomes, what new risks they are facing and where they’re missing data to support smart decision making this week. 
  • Lean into the red and take action(s) to reduce risks or remove roadblocks in your team’s path towards results.

Close the week by celebrating wins on Friday

  • After focusing and driving towards outcomes through the week, the team can now savor their wins at the end of the week. 
  • On Friday morning (6 AM in your WorkBoard time zone), you will receive a nudge from WorkBoard within Teams that highlights your team’s wins this week– which objectives saw the biggest progress gains, how your team progressed toward their results and how engaged and focused they were through this period.
  • Use the insights to cheer the team on and celebrate victories, big or small!

Set Your Calibrate & Celebrate Preferences

Start off by enabling Calibrate & Celebrate in your WorkBoard Platform Preferences. We suggest to make sure both Calibrate and Celebrate updates are selected. Select the day which you start your week on Calibrate (Sunday or Monday):



Note: The preferences auto-save once you have made changes. If you have "Do not send me emails" toggled in email preferences you will not receive the C&C email.

Receiving Calibrate & Celebrate Messages

In order to receive Calibrate & Celebrate Messages in Microsoft Teams:

  • [Calibrate] You must be a Team Manager or Co-Manager.
  • [Calibrate] The Team of which you're a Manager or Co-Manager, must have an open OKR. 
  • [Celebrate] There must be positive progress for at least one Key Result during the previous 7 days.

Calibrate Your Results on Mondays

At the start of the week, you will receive a snapshot of the priorities for the week from WorkBoard in Microsoft Teams. This snapshot shows what the team should focus on for the coming week. At a glance you can see how your team is progressing towards achieving its objectives, what new risks your team is facing and where you’re missing data to support smart decision making this week.


This snapshot includes five components:

  1. Progress made on your strategic priorities (OKRs)

    This is the overall progress of open OKRs (or just quarterly OKRs, if you have them) for any teams of which you're a Manager or Co-Manager. 

    A card will open for each of your teams and from here you can click into the details of any OKR that you are interested in. Clicking on an OKR will open your browser and take you to that OKR in WorkBoard.

  2. New Risks that have emerged

    By clicking on “Show” beside New Risks, you can zoom in to get quick headlights on where the new risks are. Without leaving this view, the leader can instantly inquire with the team what roadblocks need to be removed from their path to drive results this week by adding a comment or clicking in for more details.

    The risks that show in this view are any key results that have turned red in the past week.

  3. Flexible Nudges on stale results data (i.e. overdue for update)

    See the list of stale key results and use your judgment to select who to nudge in your Monday calibration. All results owners will receive a ping in WorkBoard. 

  4. Results that are awaiting updates from you

    Click on “Update” to view the key results having out-of-date facts (data) from you. You can provide the latest progress directly in Microsoft Teams through the Calibrate interface. By updating these facts, you will provide transparency and your team get the necessary data to make progress towards their results.

  5. See how your directs’ teams are doing

    Understand the progress of your direct reports’ teams. 

    This is the average progress across all of the OKRs that belong to each team. 

    You will have the option to nudge teams for updates on any results that are overdue for an update. 

Celebrate Your Victories on Fridays!

After focusing and driving towards your outcomes through the week, you and your team can savor your wins at the week’s end. On Fridays, you will get a message that highlights your team’s victories this week, how they progressed toward their results and how engaged and focused they were this week.

This snapshot includes three components:

  1. Results crushed this week! 

    Click on “Show” to view highlights of the team’s wins, how they progressed towards their results and how engaged and focused they were this week.

    These are the results that either have gone from red to green, or any results that saw big progress gains in the past week.

  2. Crushed focus and transparency this week! 

    View up to 3 individual team members who were most engaged and supported your teams' successes by providing transparency on key results. These are the people to celebrate this week!

    In addition, you’ll see the Key Results that sparked the most conversation and commentary, and can comment directly on them in Microsoft Teams. Worth checking if there’s a roadblock here, or maybe adding a shout-out to someone who went above and beyond.


  3. Percentage closer to achieving team objectives See details of how much your team has moved the needle towards you Objectives in the past week. Click into any of the Objectives to see more details on progress in WorkBoard.

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